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10,000 Gardens in Africa

Slow Food is creating a network of young people working to save Africa's extraordinary biodiversity, to raise the profile of traditional knowledge and food culture and to promote small-scale, family farming.


The 10,000 food gardens are the concrete tool for making this dream a reality.


The gardens cultivate local varieties using sustainable and organic methods, and intercrop vegetables with fruit trees and medicinal herbs. Importantly, the project is promoting seed exchange among the communities in order to preserve biodiversity and enhance farmers' autonomy.



The costs of creating a garden is approximately 900 euro:


  • Construction and strengthening of the Slow Food African network €200
  • Creation of a garden €250
  • Travel € 100
  • Study € 100
  • Printing and distribution of educational and communication material €50
  • General coordination of the project €200




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10,000 Gardens in Africa
10,000 Gardens in Africa
10,000 Gardens in Africa
10,000 Gardens in Africa

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