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Resources (meat and animal welfare)

From Slow Food: 


Slow Food Policy Paper on Animal Welfare (September 2013)
Slow Food's position on the issue explained

A Survey of European Slow Food Members on Meat Consumption and Animal Welfare
(July-August 2013)

The results from a survey conducted by Slow Food on the opinions of the Slow Food network on issues of meat and animal welfare

Too Much At Steak: How to choose your meat; less and good, clean and fair (2012)
Downloadable pocket shopping guide, with tips including how to select good quality meat and the effects of our meat choices on animals and the environment. Produced by ActionAid, Compassion in World Farming and Slow Food

VIDEO: Animal Welfare According to Slow Food (2014)
Video on animal welfare by the European Commission, in which Piero Sardo, Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity President, explains Slow Food's position on animal welfare.


From other organizations: 

Meat Atlas: Facts and Figures About the Animals We Eat (2014) This report from Friends of the Earth Europe and the Heinrich Böll Foundation presents a global perspective on the impacts of industrial meat and dairy production, and illustrates its increasingly devastating impact on society and the environment. The way we produce and consume meat and dairy needs a radical rethink.

FAO Report: Tackling Climate Change Through Livestock (2013)


  Resources (meat and animal welfare)