Slow Food

What we do

Slow Food works in a number of ways towards a food system that values good, clean and fair meat.

  • Working with producers:  The Slow Food Presidia include many meat producers. These projects work to improve conditions for raising animals, by working directly with farmers. By 2020, we plan to review the production protocols of Presidia involving livestock to ensure they are compliant with good animal welfare practices.
  • Educational initiatives: Through targeted campaigns, we aim to raise awareness among consumers on the importance of reducing meat consumption and choosing meat from farms that pay particular attention to high quality, natural feed and the natural behavior of animals.
  • Supporting efforts to request mandatory labeling of products that specify methods of production. Slow Food's narrative labels are a positive example of a labeling system that allows consumers to easily understand where food comes from and how it was produced. 

  • Events: in 2014 Slow Food USA will hold Slow Meat, its first event dedicated to the theme, where consumers, ranchers, animal welfare advocates, chefs and butchers will come together to discuss the barriers that prevent us from moving our animal agriculture system from fast to slow, and find ways to overcome them.