Slow Food

What you can do


  • If you are a European citizen, join Stop the Crop, the anti-GMO campaign, to make your voice heard
  • Ask your government to ban the cultivation of GMO-containing foods. Join up with organizations in your area working.
  • Educate your community: Hold film screenings, discussions or conferences on the issue to inform your community members on the threats of GMOs.
  • If GMO-containing foods are already in your country, ask for them to be labeled: tell your government you want the right to know what’s in your food.
  • Avoid processed foods: While in some countries produce can be GMOs, they are mostly found in processed foods containing corn and soy.
  • Buy from small-scale local farmers: This is less likely to be GMOs and easier to ask origin and production methods of your food.
  • Ask! Call the producer/manufacturer of your favorite foods and ask if they use GM-containing products, ask at your local stores and markets if they stock them.  Let producers and retailers know how you feel about GMOs!