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Slow Food believes that animals used for food should be given a life free of pain and fear in which they are free to express their natural behaviors.

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Germany | 28/01/2009 | Germans urged to reduce their meat consumption and adopt a more sustainable Mediterranean diet.

United States | 27/01/2009 | Tamar Adler is trying to convince all of suburban California to buy animals whole

Australia | 14/01/2009 | Scientists advise the consumption of overpopulated introduced species and native breeds.

United States | 08/01/2009 | Move towards approval of drug from genetically modified goat’s milk raises concerns

United States | 05/11/2008 | Study reveals the decrease in genetic diversity of chickens bred for meat and egg production around the world

United Kingdom | 09/06/2008 | Genetically copied cow revealed as mother of eight

United States | 17/04/2008 | A diet that reduces meat consumption while consuming meat

Norway | 16/04/2008 | International meeting on a new alternative for meat production through cell culture

Italy | 10/04/2008 | Novel project to keep Turin parks neat and tidy

United Kingdom | 15/03/2008 | It was important that I saw how the abattoir treated their animals before using the meat Roy Brett

United States | 13/03/2008 | Students take action against industrial pork in their cafeterias

United States | 06/03/2008 |

United Kingdom | 21/02/2008 | Celebrity chefs support struggling pig farmers

United States | 19/02/2008 | 143 million pounds of meat recalled following the release of an undercover video exposing animal abuse

United Kingdom | 11/02/2008 | Tesco slashes price of factory-farmed chickens

Belgium | 15/01/2008 | New reports in Europe and US signal cloned animals could enter food chain

New Zealand | 22/11/2007 | Milk prices double over two years as the world experiences increasing demand and shortages for dairy

Zimbabwe | 31/07/2007 | Meat shortage triggers game park fears

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Slow Food believes that animals used for food should be given a life free of pain and fear in...