Slow Food

A UK Showcase at the Salone del Gusto 2006

United Kingdom - 23 Jun 06

British presidia participating in the Salone del Gusto 2006 include Cornish Pilchards and Sardines, Old Gloucester Beef, Gloucester Cheese, Three Counties Perry and Artisan Somerset Cheddar. The producers have stands in the Presidia Market in Hall 3 of the event, where their products can be tasted and purchased. There is also a pub serving the beers of the Real Ale Society, founded in order to bring the best real ale produced by small independent breweries from Great Britain to the attention of Italian consumers and the many foreign visitors who will attend Salone. A Scottish taste island features Belhaven beer and the products of Quality Meat Scotland. Products from the United Kingdom can also be savoured during the Salone’s Taste Workshops. These are the tool Slow Food uses most to disseminate the culture of food and wine under the guidance of Slow Food experts and the producers themselves. During The Scottish Meat Renaissances workshop, organised in collaboration with Quality Meat Scotland, visitors will have the opportunity to taste a selection of native Scottish meat including Aberdeen-Angus; Highland Cattle and Galloway beef; Scottish Blackface; North Country Cheviot and Orkney Lamb, matched with excellent wines from the Italian cellars of La Vis-Valle Cembra (Trento) and Guido Berlucchi & C (Brescia). Whisky takes centre stage at two Workshops. In Whisky Matches (Sunday 29 at 6 PM) Angelo Matteucci of the Single Malt Club of Scotland, the association that promotes scotch in Italy, offers a selection of six single malt whiskies from different regions of Scotland: 10-year Talisker, 12-year Glenlivet, Glenmorangie Port Wood Finish, 10-year Glenfarclas, 1992 Glenrothes and 12-year Bowmore. And accompanying the whiskies, the foods that go with it best: oysters, Giava Guido Gobino 70% dark chocolate, Pietro Romanengo candied fruit and cake made by Offelleria Rizzati. In the Maledetto Toscano and whisky (Sunday 29 at 9 PM) workshop, three single malt Scotches and a single malt Japanese whisky are sampled with an Antico Toscano cigar in hand. Guided by Ian McCallum, creator of whisky blends for the Bowmore distillery in Islay, the tasting is accompanied by sushi, smoked salmon, Stilton and chocolate. 'Lighting up' the way are Roberto Fanticelli and Aroldo Marconi, founders of the Maledetto Toscano cigar club. Britain's most celebrated beers are its real ales: cask-conditioned beers (refermented in wood) that are tapped by hand, without the aid of gas, and served cold. But now a new category of bottle-conditioned beers (ie, refermented in the bottle) with a longer, more complicated aging period is making a name for itself. British Beers in a State of Ferment (Saturday 28 at 3 PM) features the tasting of two real ales drawn from the cask and four bottled beers that represent the traditional styles of barley wine, porter, imperial stout and old ale. Two Taste Workshops focus on cheeses from the British Isles. In just 15 years the number of varieties of British blue-veined cheeses has risen from 8 to 85. Stilton is still the most famous, but the new blues come in a rich array of sizes, textures and flavours and are made from different kinds of milk. In The Blues of Great Britain (Friday 27 at 6 PM), guided by Juliet Harbutt, an internationally renowned expert and author of a number of books on cheese, eight different blues are tasted, from a creamy and perfectly aged Stilton to an excellent but piquant Buffalo Blue. Accompanied by four single malt whiskies from the Single Malt Club of Scotland. Tasting an artisan Cheddar made with the raw milk of cows that feed on fresh grass, daisies and buttercups is like tasting a piece of England. Real Cheddar (one of the most imitated cheeses in the world) is only produced on farms in the counties of Dorset, Devon and Somerset, in southwest England. During Everything you always wanted to know about Cheddar (Saturday 28 at 12 PM), led by Juliet Harbutt, several different examples of this cheese are sampled, including the Slow Food Presidium versions. The tasting is accompanied by beers, cider and Three Counties Perry.