Slow Food

The Sounds of Terra Madre: new for the 2008 edition

Italy - 22 Sep 08

The Sounds of Terra Madre will see forty-eight groups from thirty countries playing 20 performances a day inside Lingotto Fiere and the Oval. This new initiative is another building block in constructing a well-balanced “food community”. Small farmers, herders and fishermen in 2004. Cooks and academics in 2006. And this year young people. But while working, studying and eating, a counterbalance was missing. A true community also needs time to have fun and socialize. Music will be supplemented by street theater, storytelling, and dance. In the rural world these activities help to bring people together, alleviate the fatigue of hard physical work, promote good relations and support the transmission of oral tradition. Musical biodiversity is now threatened as much as agricultural biodiversity. The big music companies demand standardized sounds that are easy to sell, using the same logic as food multinationals which flood the market with similar food products around the world. With these first 48 folk groups we hope to focus some attention on this undesirable trend. Groups will play in many improvised spaces within the Salone del Gusto or corridors connecting Lingotto Congress Center and the Oval . There will be performances on stage during the Terra Madre closing ceremony at PalaOlimpico on Sunday, October 26, in an event organized and co-presented by the Mau Mau, long-standing fellow travelers with Slow Food, who have always welcomed multicultural backing for Piedmontese songs. Spontaneous performances will be offered into the night by food communities in their host towns. The calendar of events will be available on the websites and from October 1. The Sounds of Terra Madre, some numbers: 48 groups; 216 musicians; 30 countries represented: Bangladesh, Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Canada, Cape Verde, Cuba, Ethiopia, France, Georgia, Guatemala, India, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Kenya, Morocco, Mexico, Mongolia, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Russia, Senegal, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States. 20 performances of thirty minutes each day (from October 23 to 26) at the Lingotto Congress Center and the Oval; 10 groups present on the stage during the closing ceremony on October 26, directed by the Mau Mau; 20 members in the largest group: Kamba and Zalka (Ethiopia); 10 members in the largest female group, from Saloum island, Senegal.