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Italy - 29 Sep 03

The Sapore di Mare event, held on October 10 and 11 2003, will see the official presentation of Slow Fish.

The presentation, featuring three theme tasting routes, (admission by invitation only) is a preview to Slow Fish, the Sustainable Seafood Salone, which is to be held from June 4 to 7 2004, and is being organized by Slow Food, within the ambit of Sapore di Mare.

Slow Fish is a unique event of its kind, designed to draw public attention to the increasingly urgent issues affecting the world of the sea.
Slow Food has chosen the city of Genoa and the Sapore di Mare event in particular to publicize cultural, informational and political material about this issue. Genoa is a city which historically developed strong commercial links by sea; it has drawn resources and wealth fromthe sea and through the sea; in its traditional dishes it retains elements of the gastronomic culture of all the peoples of the Mediterranean.

Our Association, with 80,000 members around the world, is striving internationally to secure recognition of gastronomic traditions as a part of cultural heritage, to promote agricultural approaches that respect the environment and to support rural communities.

Fish is an important food resource and for centuries has been a main ingredient of recipes and dishes belonging to the traditions of all human beings. The situation facing fish reserves has, in many cases, become serious: 75% of edible marine species are experiencing a significant decline (source: Save the Sea).

Consumers must be informed and directed towards alternatives which conserve the resources in our sea and protect our small fishing communities.

Slow Fish will focus on less well-known fish, traditionally caught within a local area, and also on quality fish produced by aquaculture systems that respect the environment.

The preview of 10 and 11 October will be a veritable itinerary, linking three ‘islands’, or theme areas: ‘Fish Rediscovered’, to discover, learn to prepare and to appreciate forgotten or underrated fish species—with the help of traditional regional dishes; ‘Quality Aquaculture’, where it will be shown that a balance between environmental sustainability and increasing food demands can only be met by fish-farming methods that respect the marine ecosystem – with tasting of raw farmed fish; ‘The Sea Presidia’, small tasting sessions of products belonging to our fish heritage with close links to traditional local fishing practices. Their significance will be explained so the public can appreciate their cultural and environmental importance as well as their outstanding flavour.

On the preceding days, from Sunday 5 to Thursday 9 October, Slow Food will organize Taste Workshops each day at 7pm.

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