Slow Food

Numbers from the Last Day of Salone del Gusto 2006

Italy - 30 Oct 06

Salone del Gusto’s sixth edition can boast extremely positive results all the way to the last day. That last day’s visitors added 25,700 to the week’s total, which came to 172,400 for all five days combined (compared with last year’s 140,000). Notably, this total marks a 23% increase in visitors since 2004. One interesting feature of this year’s Salone was the participation of visitors, teachers and children in the educational workshops of Aula Dolce Amaro and Aula Magna del Gusto. The children were always extremely attentive and prepared for the themes discussed, and many visitors asked for information on how to participate in the Master of Food outside of Salone del Gusto. An average of 150 people took part in each of the various conventions and educational workshops, around 660 children took instructional courses, and 210 teachers participated in workshops to share methods of food education with their colleagues from all over the world. Including the 610 children who took part in instructional food workshops at the Lurisia, De Cecco and Coop stands, Salone can count around 5,870 teachers and students among its visitors. In addition, a total of 1,180 people took part in the 21 Master of Food courses.