Slow Food

Youth Food Movement at Terra Madre 2010

Italy - 30 Jul 10

The Youth Food Movement will host a dedicated youth area and meeting space at the 2010 Terra Madre world meeting of food communities. The space aims to communicate the diverse range of ways that young people can become involved with Slow Food, and to draw attention to the issues that are most relevant to the next generation of sustainable food producers. In addition to a conference each morning, a range of activities and practical workshops will be set up to encourage debate between delegates of all ages. The conference topics are as follows: Friday October 22: Identity - the Globalization of Diversity Saturday October 23: Youth and the Future of Food Sunday October 24: Living Slow - How to be a Change-maker Eat-in This year will see the first ever Terra Madre Eat-In, \"Eat-In Our Territory\" on Saturday October 23. Held just across from the conference, in the north tower of the Lingotto Fiere exhibition center, youth delegates and other activists from around Turin will come to the table to exchange knowledge, experiences, and lunch! The event will include young chefs cooking at \'gastronomias\' around Turin, project displays, speakers, and extra-special treats to be announced. The Youth Food Movement What is the Youth Food Movement? The Youth Food Movement is a network of young farmers, cooks, artisans, activists and students that are actively changing the future of food and farming. With the goal of bringing more food that is good, clean and fair to their communities, they are realigning local and regional food systems with the principles of social justice and sustainability. Youth projects: The “Strawberry Mob” Members of YFM Holland, in collaboration with strawberry farmer Jan Robben, took to the streets of Amsterdam over the 4th of July weekend to prove that people want to buy local, seasonal produce. Jan, who grows \'Lambada\' strawberries in Brabant had a problem: very few retailers were buying his strawberries as they were more expensive and had a shorter shelf life than the industrially grown alternatives. The Dutch youth group decided to help Jan by organising a spontaneous gathering of people in the central plaza of Amsterdam. Over 250 people came together to see Youth Food members driving a tractor into the center of town and selling Jan\'s strawberries to the public. The success of the event and the coverage from Dutch press has since led to Jan winning two contracts to supply his strawberries to local shops! Profile of a Youth leader: Pavlos Georgiadisi is an ethnobotanist and socio-biologist. His research in the tribal areas of South West China, Northern Thailand, and the Indian Himalayas is focused on the search for rare indigenous foods and the documentation of traditional production systems. He takes a particular interest in Food Ethics and Food Justice, and is an active youth leader in Greece and Germany. Since coming to Terra Madre in 2008, Pavlos and his colleagues at the University of Hohenheim have set up F.R.E.S.H: the food revitalisation & Eco-gastronomic society. We are excited to welcome Pavlos back to Terra Madre 2010 as a youth leader and moderator for the conference on Youth and the Future of Food. For more information or photos about any of the news items listed please contact: