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Terra Madre Day - The seven pillars - Examples from all around the world

Italy - 24 Nov 09

Access to good, clean and fair food
 Slow Food in the Canteen France – Slow Food Bayonne has been working with local primary schools to improve their canteens for years now, and will reflect on and share their results on Terra Madre Day. A total of 4,000 pupils are now served meals by a local social enterprise, which hires the unemployed and disabled and uses produce sourced from within a 30-km radius. Once a week a completely organic meal is served and the children are responding very well to the new taste of their cafeteria. Terra Madre Day will provide an exciting opportunity and a landmark moment for the project. Parents, students, the local mayor and officials will come together to renew their commitment to the project which celebrates all that Slow Food stands for: good, clean and fair food and Taste Education. The Bayonne project is also part of the Slow Food European Canteen Network. Agricultural and food biodiversity Endangered Foods and Local Dishes Uganda – The Central Convivium in Mukono will contribute to protecting local biodiversity at their Terra Madre Day event, “Endangered Foods and Local Dishes.” A large number of the fruits and vegetables once frequently eaten in the past are no longer commonly available in Uganda, and so the convivium has asked members from various parts of the country to track down some of these varieties and reintroduce them to the public on Terra Madre Day. The day will also include a seed collection to help prevent these foods from becoming extinct. The event will wind up with a closing party and a tasting of juices and fruits from across the country. Small-scale food production 
 Glimpses of Terra Madre India – To celebrate small-scale food production around the world, the people of Varanasi will share and relive the coming together of food communities at Terra Madre 2008 with a photo exhibition that tells the story of the five-day world meeting. This biennial event launched the Terra Madre network back in 2004, and brings together farmers and food producers from 150 countries, connecting them with cooks, educators and young people to discuss how to collaboratively improve the food system. Visitors to the exhibition entitled “Glimpses of Terra Madre 2008” will see many cultures, lifestyles and lands through the faces and expressions of small-scale farmers, fisherfolk and artisans from all around the world – together a united force for a better food future. The exhibition will also display images of the food culture of rural and urban people in India. Food sovereignty Down with Fast Food in Dhaka Bangladesh – The right to knowledge and freedom to decide what to grow, how food is processed and what makes up our daily diet will be defended in Bangladesh as an expected 500 people rally and collect signatures against toxic and fast food. This campaign for the protection of slow and traditional food demands a halt to the proliferation of fast-food chains throughout Asia, as they threaten traditional diets, small-scale production and biodiversity. Exercising their rights for culturally appropriate and healthy food options, the group will meet in front of the National Museum of Bangladesh, collecting signatures from local people and raising awareness about the unhealthy options offered by global industrialized food providers. Language, culture and traditional knowledge
 Tribute to Mother Earth, Provider of All Life Mexico – In the village of Cerro Armadillo, Terra Madre Day celebrations will be centered around traditional and religious rituals, starting with a thanksgiving and prayer for good harvests for corn, beans, coffee, vanilla and other local crops. Producers and their families will arrive at the Cerro Armadillo church early on December 10, bringing different regional products with them. Small parcels of seeds will be placed at the four cardinal points of the altar as an offering to Mother Earth. These will be blessed and presented by a young girl wearing a traditional, hand-woven Chinanteca dress. After the ceremony, an elder from the village will offer food prepared with over 40 locally grown ingredients. Corn will be used in many dishes, with white, black and yellow corn tortillas as well as tamales and fermented drinks. The producers’ families will all attend, joined by inhabitants from Tuxtepec and other towns from further away who are keen to be part of this unique indigenous experience. Vanilla from the Chinantla Presidium will also be offered to the visitors and the event will conclude with the ritual burying of a small amount of each product, to give thanks to the earth for the life she is giving us. Environmentally responsible food production 
 Long Table Against GMOs Germany – Producers and co-producers from the Ulm region will unite in their resistance to genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) with a long-table meal. Organized by the Alliance for a GMO-free Region (around) Ulm, the event will highlight the need for us to recognize that our food choices are strongly linked to the health of the environment, and draw attention to the harm caused by GMO crops and foods. Inspired by the advice of Slow Food International Vice-President Vandana Shiva to \"eat lentils, rice and vegetables,\" the meal will be centered on these foods, all provided by local farmers. The food offered will be an example of a perfectly healthy and balanced meal, and the event will highlight the need to eat less meat in order to move towards true sustainability. Fair and sustainable trade
 Along the Farmers’ Road Chile – Fair and sustainable trade starts by building support for local producers in our area, and to encourage this the Frontera del Sur Convivium has organized a full-day excursion to visit farmers in the nearby region. Everyone concerned about the continuing production of good, healthy, local food is invited to join in a walk that will take them to visit the men and women who work in the fields and produce artisanal food, including producers from the Blue Egg Presidium. There will be time to talk with them, to understand how they produce their specialties and to buy food directly from them. The aim of this Terra Madre Day event is to emphasize to the local community how short food supply chains are one of the key elements of sustainable agriculture, allowing us to reach a fair financial outcome for producers and consumers alike. Here are examples of other events planned worldwide for Terra Madre Day: AFRICA Burkina Faso Terra Madre Day will be celebrated in Bobo Dioulass with a meeting of supporters, producers, restaurateurs, representatives of local ethnic groups, Slow Food members, traders, teachers and students, who will discuss and share their experiences. The meeting will revolve around the presentation of the project \"La vie chez nous,\" a two-day market in a street closed to traffic which will bring together around 15 ethnic groups for a challenge: Each group will set up a stand with their local products, showcasing their culinary traditions, typical drinks and folk music. Ghana The Teamup Convivium will be hosting a communal meal in a field in the countryside, sharing local dishes with community farmers and students. This meeting will strengthen the links between farmers and students and provide an opportunity for discussing how people can put Slow Food’s ideas and Terra Madre Day’s seven pillars to practice in their daily lives. Gabon Celebrations for Terra Madre Day in Libreville will be based on performing arts, with film and documentary screenings and theatre performances to raise awareness among the public and start a discussion about food and how it is produced. Gambia Terra Madre Day will be celebrated in Kombo with a workshop on the best ways to safely preserve locally produced food. The consumption of locally grown foods will be promoted as will production without the use of chemical fertilizers, encouraging farmers to use organic methods to improve soil fertility. Kenya Indigenous crop varieties are becoming less common in Kenya, so Terra Madre Day will be dedicated to an indigenous seed exchange. The event will conclude with the planting of a garden which can serve as a seed bank to reproduce these local varieties. This will make Terra Madre Day not only memorable but also useful for future generations. Senegal The Terra Madre Day celebrations involve a large food and craft market and a cultural show to highlight and celebrate the cultural diversity of the Lebou, Serere, Toucouleur, Manding and Diola communities. The event will be supported by Slow Food and will focus particularly on the involvement of young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods. Uganda This Terra Madre Day celebration will be centered on teaching and demonstrating practical skills for growing and harvesting vegetables in a clean environment, maintaining soil fertility and preparing and cooking vegetables without losing their nutrients. The main target group will be elementary school pupils. Events will also be held in Egypt, Ethiopia, Mozambique, South Africa, Niger, Tanzania, Mali and Morocco. MIDDLE EAST, ASIA, OCEANIA Australia The Slow Food Southern Forests Convivium will set up a street stall in the city of Manjimup offering barbecued lamb sausages in bread rolls with spicy plum sauce and greens. All products will presented with information about the local people who made them. There will also be a display of local fresh produce, stalls with locally produced foods and cooking demonstrations by chefs. On the same day, in the heart of the city of Guildford, Slow Food Perth will celebrate Terra Madre Day and Slow Food’s 20th anniversary with a good, clean and fair lunch at a long table, showcasing food traditions and celebrating the diverse food culture of the Swan Valley. Bangladesh The Slow Food Pabna Convivium will celebrate Slow Food’s 20th anniversary by organizing a birthday party and folk concert from 10 am to 10 pm. At least 200 people will be invited: organic farmers, food producers, journalists, teachers, students, cooks, bakers, folk singers and their friends and families. The event will include discussions about Slow Food activities and principles, ecological agriculture and the environment. Traditional dishes will be served and songs will be played during the folk concert at the end of the celebration. Israel The Slow Food Shear Yeshuv Convivium will be holding a meeting to present and discuss the activities carried out over the past three years. They will show photo presentations and discuss their future plans. The Israeli food communities that attended Terra Madre in 2008 will be the day’s special guests. The meeting will finish with a presentation and tasting of the different dishes that each participant will bring to the convivium’s table. Israel will organize many other initiatives, as the Tel Aviv Farmers Market, a Slow Food Earth Market, that will celebrate the Terra Madre Day on Friday, December 11th, with renowned chefs performing cooking demonstrations while using the market ingredients, lectures about Terra Madre and Slow Food and more. This celebration will be repeated on the following two Fridays. Pakistan Terra Madre Day will be the occasion for a presentation of Terra Madre and Slow Food, showing videos and photos, sharing experiences and discussing future plans for the Lahore Convivium. Events will also be held in Russia and Indonesia. EUROPE Bulgaria A school in Sofia will present each child with a porcelain cup decorated with the “Slow Food in the Canteen” logo designed by one of the children. The day will feature educational activities aimed at the next generation of co-producers. In most Balkan countries and cultures, it is common practice to prepare a large loaf of bread to be offered to guests. Each guest is asked to break a piece of bread and eat it with salt before entering the premises where a celebration is taking place. This symbolic gesture will be carried out by convivia and food communities from the Balkan countries, linking them together. Denmark In Copenhagen’s old Meatpacking District, Slow Food Copenhagen-North Zealand will celebrate with a special evening featuring local food, folk music and discussions. Dinner will be prepared by one of the most important Danish chefs of the last 20 years. Experts from the food field will be there to enlighten the public on subjects like GMOs, and representatives from Slow Food will tell the story of the association and the biannual international Terra Madre meeting. France Terra Madre Day will be celebrated at the Christmas market in the town center of Mulhouse, where a soup made from locally grown vegetables will be offered to shoppers and passersby. On the same day, at the Toulouse Museum’s Salle Carrée, a dinner will be held featuring goose dishes based on recipes from nine great chefs, relaunching the consumption of an almost-forgotten local resource. Germany The Jeunesses Musicales hall in Baden-Württemberg is home to a new wood-fired oven which will be inaugurated on the Terra Madre Day with the preparation of traditional local bread and baked specialties. The area has a very strong baking tradition. Ireland The city of Dalkey will celebrate Slow Food\'s birthday with a “Kris Kindle” where everyone who attends the dinner will be asked to bring along a small, wrapped gift with the theme of “Terra Madre – What it Means to Me” to put in the pot. The gifts will then be distributed randomly amongst the guests. Iceland The Ríki Vatnajokuls Convivium will invite the public to a local restaurant for a dinner presenting the Slow Food association. The main course will feature reindeer from the area’s mountains. Italy Terra Madre Day will be widely celebrated around Italy with a multitude of events such as the “Zero Km Dinner” in an agriturismo in Murazzano, near Cuneo. The dinner will be dedicated to the theme of exchanging products and accompanied by music. Guests must reach the venue by non-polluting transport: by foot, horse, bicycle or even sleigh. On the same day, around Bergamo, it will be possible to visit the Renewable Energy Food Communities’ farms working only with geothermal energy. In Bagno a Ripoli, near Florence, school cafeterias will offer a traditional menu made using Slow Food Presidia and products sourced from local producers only. The meal will be specially presented to raise children’s awareness about the importance of food choices. Romania This Terra Madre Day event is a special three-day edition of an Earth Market, to be held at the Farmers’ Museum in Bucharest. Thirty small-scale producers from five Romanian counties will present their produce to a vast audience. Chefs from the Terra Madre network will cook traditional Romanian dishes in front of the public. A symbolic gesture will complete the event when guests break bread together, eating pieces of a big loaf with salt. This will link all the Slow Food convivia and Terra Madre food communities in the region who will be doing the same. The Netherlands Slow Food members will organize a fair at their farm with stands serving all kinds of locally produced food. United Kingdom The historical Ludlow convivium organizes an informal dinner in a small cafe inspired by the canteen at Terra Madre - where thousands of delegates ate each day during the international gathering in Turin in 2008. There will be several sittings of one hour, with new guests arriving every 30 minutes and guests sharing communal tables. The set menu uses ingredients sourced from the local produce market the same day. The city of Glasgow adheres to the Terra Madre Day with a bread making evening to teach baking techniques and let participants realize how bread making can be easily turned into a carefree and fulfilling routine. Bread will be tasted after the workshop, together with nibbles and wine. Events will also be held in Austria, Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the Ukraine. NORTH AMERICA Canada The first screening of chef Michael Stadtlander\'s The Islands Project will be held in Edmonton. During the summer of 2006, Stadtlander journeyed on his biodiesel- and solar-powered kitchen bus, returning to the province that inspired his early days as a chef. He met artists, farmers, oyster cultivators, environmentalists and loggers dedicated to environmentally sustainable business practices and preserving the bounty of their islands. In open-air dinners made using locally raised and foraged ingredients he indulged his local guests with the delectable creations of his edible art. Usa In the Usa, the city of Seattle celebrates the Terra Madre Day with a Progressive Potluck Block Party where each course takes place in a different house and is prepared using locally grown, organic, and ethnically diverse ingredients. Another meaningful event for the Terra Madre Day is a benefit for the bees. An evening of art work, food and drink celebrating the important role of bees in the production of our food will be held in West Asheville. The successful production of food crops relies on pollination by bees, but worldwide bee populations have disappeared due to an unknown cause referred to as Colony Collapse Disorder. Featured artists together with the participants will make donations to the Colony Collapse Disorder research. There will be tasting of local handcrafted Meads made with honey, and finger foods made with local honey. LATIN AMERICA Argentina Terra Madre Day celebrations in Argentina include a number of events, including a conference entitled “Good Food Is For Everyone” organized by the Buenos Aires University’s Faculty of Architecture. “Cooking Against Hunger” will be organized by an environmental and landscape ecology group and will hear from nutritionists and food experts. Cuba The Las Terrazas community will celebrate Terra Madre Day with many initiatives such as tree planting by school children in the Circulo Infantil courtyard and around the El Romero restaurant. A lunch will follow, prepared by the students of the “Cocina Ecologica” association in honor of local producers and open to local community members. Activities planned for the day include local fruit juice tastings and themed film screenings in the evening. Mexico Terra Madre Day will be celebrated in Guadalajara with a guided tasting of nine traditional Mexican drinks starting with some whose origins date back to the pre-Hispanic era and finishing with present-day uses of local ingredients. A debate will follow on customs and rituals relating to their drinks and their international trade. Uruguay Terra Madre Day will be dedicated to education and training with a workshop by Escuela de Pesca Artesanal fishermen talking about their experience and explaining how they fish and process Punta del Diablo cod. Producers linked to Slow Food will hold another workshop on native seeds and how to protect them. Chefs belonging to the Terra Madre network will bring the day to a close with a dinner of local produce. Events will also be held in Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador and Venezuela.