Slow Food

International Press Releases

Italy - 29/08/2006

Slow Food alla Festa nazionale dell’Unità di Pesaro  

Carlo Petrini presenta il suo libro Buono, pulito e giusto insieme a Piero Fassino e Guido Tampieri


Austria - 09/08/2006

Preisverleihung für Carlo Petrini in Wien  

Der Gründer von Slow Food erhält den Trophée Gourmet A La Carte ...


Italy - 25/07/2006

Slow Food: WTO negotiations’ failure stresses the importance of agriculture, a sector strategic for the future  

Disagreements over agricultural subsidies and taxes caused the failure of the Doha Round negotiations, announced yesterday by WTO director Pascal Lamy. ...


United Kingdom - 12/07/2006

Slow Food UK  

Ludlow chosen as national headquarters ...


United Kingdom - 29/06/2006

SuperWhites: From Friuli Venezia Giulia to London  

Great White Wines Selected by Slow Food Friuli for Wines Lovers Everywhere ...


France - 27/06/2006

Les grandes gastronomie et œnologie françaises au Salone del Gusto 2006  

Cette année, la France est encore à l’honneur ...


Japan - 26/06/2006

Japan Protagonist at the Salone del Gusto  

Japanese products and chefs at the event organised by Slow Food in Turin October 26-30 2006 ...


Italy - 26/06/2006

Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity against International Whaling Commission decision  

With the approval of the declaration of S. Kitts at the closing of the 58th meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC), whale populations find themselves at serious risk of extinction. ...


United Kingdom - 23/06/2006

A UK Showcase at the Salone del Gusto 2006  

British presidia participating in the Salone del Gusto 2006 include Cornish Pilchards and Sardines, Old Gloucester Beef, Gloucester Cheese, Three Counties Perry and Artisan Somerset Cheddar. ...


Switzerland - 22/06/2006

Die Schweiz auf dem Salone del Gusto  

Die Schweiz ist auf dem Salone del Gusto mit zwei ausgezeichneten, traditionellen Erzeugnissen vertreten, die beide Förderkreiserzeugnisse von Slow Food sind. ...

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