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Out and About at Cheese

Italy - 20 Sep 11

A jam-packed program awaited visitors to Cheese in Bra, Italy over September 16-19. The event brought together cheesemakers, herders, cheesemongers and agers from across Europe and the world, united by their passion for sustainable production, traditional techniques and diversity in flavor. View a photo gallery of the whole event on Slow Food International's facebook page.

Articles and photo galleries published here on
The Big Cheese: 4-days, 160,000 visitors and mountains of cheese later... Cheese closes
The Good Life?: Young herders discuss the future of herding
The Goat Brigades: Cheeses made by a large Macedonian cooperative of shepherds.
PHOTO GALLERY Milks, Crafts, Places: Cheesemakers talk about the milks, crafts and places that make their cheeses unique...
The Battle for Raw Milk: an international campaign website launched on Sunday during a panel discussion on the situation in various countries
PHOTO GALLERYCheese Tots: photos of the kids taste education event 'Cheese Kids'.
Extreme Measures for Biodiversity: overview of the discussion on how to halt the drastic decline in domestic species.
Labels that Tell a Story: a new approach to evaluating quality and expressing it on cheese labels.
Cheese Heros Take the Stage: Cheese opens with the “Cheese Resistance” award to recognize outstanding artisan cheesemakers.
PHOTO GALLERYSeven Treasures to Preserve: photogallery and story of the seven new dairy Presidia projects launched today.

Visit the website to view the full program and information about the event:



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