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Terra Madre Day

Italy - 29 Oct 11

As the end of the year approaches, so too does Terra Madre Day. Now in its third edition, it has become an annual date for our movement, as enjoyable as it is important. It is an opportunity to make our presence felt, to assert our capacity to care for the portions of the planet that have been entrusted to us, to use them productively and ensure they are maintained for future generations.

Local food is the focus of this day – promoting, discovering, eating and sharing it - because local food is our future. This is the spirit with which every community and every Slow Food convivium approaches Terra Madre Day, interpreting the event according to their own preferences and aspirations. The many ways we express ourselves through Terra Madre Day celebrations demonstrates the true grassroots nature of our network, but also shows how we experience local food fully, as an affirmation of identity and as an expression of the diversity that helps us advance, learn and grow.

I encourage you to also use this opportunity to join or promote some of our most important campaigns, like Slow Fish or the fight to protect the production of raw milk. Whatever you do, I’m sure that it will once again be an opportunity for everyone to feel connected and close; the network is strong and becoming ever more “intelligent,” able to activate itself for the common good.

If you can, please also support the Thousand Gardens in Africa project on Terra Madre Day. We are approaching our target, and with one last push I’m confident that we can reach 1,000 food gardens. It would make the day an opportunity to celebrate something that can change lives in Africa.

Circle the date, December 10, as a day of celebration for you and your communities!

Carlo Petrini
President of Slow Food International




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