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Terra Madre’s Tour de France

France - 23 Nov 11

From the riverbanks of the Loire to the Rhone, from Bordeaux’s Atlantic coasts to the peaks of the Pyrenees that tower over Toulouse, Slow Food founder and international President Carlo Petrini continues on a series of appointments to present the French edition of his latest book, Terra Madre, published in France by Éditions Alternatives. After its publication in Italy, Germany and in the United States, the book is now available on the shelves of French bookstores, with a foreword by famous philosopher and sociologist Edgar Morin. In Terra Madre, Petrini analyzes the issues connected to the world’s food system and underlines their origins and developments, arguing that the only possible solution to the problem must found outside the predominant globalized and industrialized production model. Petrini invites all producers and consumers to become an active part of the Terra Madre, the global network connecting small producers and conscious consumers, chefs and academics, created in 2004. He insists on the necessity to conquer back food sovereignty, foster sustainable production and build local economic systems respectful of health and ecosystems. After an initial visit to Paris and Marseille in October, and a speech at Euro Gusto in Tours last weekend, Petrini will continue with the following appearances: Bordeaux, November 23 - 5.00 PM Conference and presentation of the book, introduced by Jean Petaux, professor and maître de conférences at Bordeaux’s Institut d’Etudes Politiques. At the end of the meeting, Petrini will hold a book signing in collaboration with Encre Blanche bookstore. Salle Jean Monnet - 11 Allée Ausone - Domaine Universitaire – Pessac Toulouse, November 24 – 5.00 PM Presentation and debate followed by book signing. Terra Nova bookstore - 18 rue Gambetta – Toulouse Toulouse, November 25 – 3.00 PM Conference and debate with participation of students from the Master in Social Sciences applied to Food Science. Taking part in the debate will be Jean-Pierre Poulain, professor in Food Sociology and director of CETIA. At the end of the meeting, Petrini will sign copies of the book in collaboration with Etudes bookshop. UTM, Amphi 8 -CETIA, Université de Toulouse Le Mirail Lyon, November 26 – 9.30 AM Participation in the forum, “Are price and taste compatible?” promoted by French newspaper Libération, with Pierre Rabhi (from the Colibri - Mouvement pour la Terre et l’Humanisme association). Lyon, Hôtel de Ville Find out more about the book, Terra Madre here: Click for English edition. Click for French edition.



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