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Navigating the Flavors of the Danube

Bulgaria - 20 Mar 12

At the end of June, the start of summer, the days will be long and the sunsets over the Danube more beautiful than ever. What better time to let yourself be carried down the river on an unusual food-focused boat tour?

The Trentino association Viaggiare i Balcani, in collaboration with Slow Food and with the support of the Trento Provincial Authority, has come up with an unusual tour of southeast Europe: nine days navigating down the Danube, from June 21 to 29, with visits, meetings and cultural activities on land during the day, and nights spent in selected hotels along the route. From Budapest to Sofia, via Mohacs, Vidin and Belgrade, the river passes through extraordinary landscapes, and travelers can explore these lands rich in history and contrasts from the banks of the river. During the journey, guests - musicians, writers, winemakers, cheesemakers - will bring their local culture on board, taking part in conferences, presentations, tastings and concerts of Csardas and Tamburaška music.

The cruise will also explore the local foods, with Terra Madre communities along the river welcoming the travelers. Participants will learn how to make goulash and taste local Presidia, like Mangalica sausage (Hungary) seasoned with paprika, or Tcherni Vit green cheese (Bulgaria), one of the world’s few completely natural blue cheeses.

The journey will end in Sofia, where the travelers will join the second edition of Terra Madre Balkans (June 29–July 1), a gathering of dozens of communities of farmers, fishers and food communities from the region, for three days of discussions and tastings. The cruise participants will attend the inaugural dinner, held in the Sofia botanical gardens.

Places are limited, and bookings must be made before May 20.

Find out more:
tel. +461 223224



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