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Let’s Cook up a Revolution on Terra Madre Day

Italy - 05 Dec 12

Terra Madre Day, Slow Food's worldwide celebration of local food, held on December 10 each year, is the perfect opportunity to bring together our communities in the name of good, clean and fair food, and have fun while doing it. With under week until the big day, it's not too late to join in the celebrations by organizing an event, as big or small, simple or complex as you wish! You'll join a symbolic moment with events happening all around the world - from a children's cooking competition in Romania to a conference on dried fruit in Afghanistan to a local foods potluck in Ireland. It's simple, just follow the recipe and add your own zest... Recipe for a Terra Madre Day event Preparation time You've got just over a week, so get busy! Ingredients An idea: from a simple dinner with friends to a rally for thousands of people, celebrate in any way you want Participants: bring together a group of any size - friends, members, producers, decision makers, youth, chefs... A venue: from a public square to a farmers' market to a community center to your own backyard...the sky is the limit! Local foods: Terra Madre Day is a great chance to celebrate local foods by eating them! Method 1.Mix all ingredients with a good pinch of conviviality 2.Register your event on the Terra Madre Day website, and follow us on twitter and facebook for updates 3.Get organized. Check out our information for organizers guide on the website for all the practical tips you need 4.Spread the word: use our graphics kit and press release, send an email alert and network on social media to get the message out quickly 5.Take some shots and send us your photos when you're done 6.Enjoy! However big or small your event is this Terra Madre Day, wherever you are on the planet, we can't wait to see what you have cooking! Together we'll show that a global food revolution grows from local roots.



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