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Download the Slow Fish App!

Italy - 08 May 13

Available free of charge for iOS and Android, Slow Fish 2013, the official App of the sixth edition of Slow Food’s international fair of good, clean and fair fish, held in Genoa’s Porto Antico from May 9-12.

Click for App store or Google Play.

The app, available in English and in Italian, provides information on all the exhibitors, activities and news to help guide you through the event. It can be used online as well as offline and includes:

* All the material you need to organize your visit.

* Two tools that will help you not to miss any opportunity (both will be available for the duration of the event):
- “Now”, to find all the events at a certain time;
- “A Walk Around Slow Fish”, to discover all you can do to learn, taste and have fun walking around in the fair.

* “Have Your Say”, a way to make yourself heard by the organizers, that will be available from Thursday.

In your virtual bag you will always have on hand:

* A map, to find your way around Slow Fish and Genoa.

* Program: the complete event list.

* Exhibitor and Slow Food Presidia lists. All the stands you can visit, with text search.

* Your visiting card, to exchange contacts with exhibitors at Slow Fish.

* Your diary. A place where you can keep your list of “must see”, your personal notes and the visiting cards you collect.

Developed by Sinbit, a spinoff of the Department of Computer Science of the University of Turin, in collaboration with Claudia Tuiran for the graphic design, the Slow Fish 2013 app will help you get the most out of the event.



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