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Raw Milk


Le lait cru, an important heritage

Slow Food has long been working to defend raw milk in France.

Four Presidia currently protect high-quality French cheeses made with raw milk: Rove Brousse Goat Cheese, Bearne Mountain Pasture Cheeses, Pélardon Affiné and the latest arrival, Auvergne Salers Breed Cheeses. Each of these projects serves as a hub for a series of local, national and international initiatives.

Convivia regularly organize activities to raise awareness among the public, and Presidium producers often attend events organized by Slow Food in France and around the world.

In 2007 Slow Food sided against two large production companies who wanted to allow heat-treated milk to be used for one of the best-known French cheeses, Camembert. Along with many experts and journalists, the association supported an important campaign to keep raw milk in the “Camembert de Normandie” production protocol, and the battle was won after several months of campaigning.

In 2008, the annual Université d'Été organized for members and other supporters was held in Clermont-Ferrand and dedicated entirely to lait cru. Attendees heard from experts and producers and had the chance to taste many cheeses.

In the same year, the second national day (Journée Nationale Slow Food) brought the campaign for raw milk to dozens of French squares. From Narbonne to Paris, Nice to Bordeaux, the convivia mobilized themselves and organized presentations, tastings, debates and entertainment. Through these activities and thanks to widespread media interest, Slow Food members brought the attention of a wider public to this issue.
Raw Milk

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