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Cheese 2005

The theme of Cheese 2005 was goat cheeses.

Goat's milk cheeses are typically Mediterranean, historically linked to marginal areas where the better land was used for more profitable crops, or arid zones where farming was difficult. At Cheese they were represented at the House of Goat Cheeses, where visitors could sample famous cheeses from France, lesser-known cheeses from Greece, Cyprus and Portugal and rarities from Japan, the United States and Australia.


Live entertainment was provided by a new collaboration between the Festival delle Province committee, Slow Food and the Notte della Taranta. The closing performances of the Festival delle Province, the first national festival of folk culture, were held in Bra's squares and courtyards and under the big tent of the Cheese Circus, with Ambrogio Sparagna's tarantellas, improvised songs from the shepherd-poets of Lazio and the Grasso family's puppets from Catania.


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