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Raw Milk

Master of Food in Cheese

First lesson

From Pasture to Production

* Milk... or rather, milks
* The main Italian milk breeds: Cows, sheep and goats
* Milk from different species: Chemical and bacteriological composition
* The main factors influencing milk production
* Livestock diet
* Milk biodiversity
* First taste tests: Sight


Second lesson

From Milk to Cheese


* Production phases and techniques
* The cheesemaking process
* The role of microorganisms in aging cheese
* Tasting techniques


Third lesson

Cheese Classification


* Aging
* Cheese classifications
* Recognizing defects
* Tasting techniques


Fourth lesson

Nutrition and Gastronomy


* Legislation
* Slow Food Presidia
* Nutritional aspects
* Reading labels
* Serving cheese: Cutting and storing
* Cheeses in gastronomy
* Tasting techniques


Raw Milk

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