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Raw Milk


Raw milk cheese production
Allowed, but with some restrictive conditions.

Only soft blue cheeses can be made from raw milk without further restrictions as long as the production technology requires a heating of the milk to at least 57°C for 15 minutes (or an equivalent time/temperature combination).

All other raw-milk cheeses must respect the following restrictions:

  • heating of the milk to at least 50°C for 30 minutes or an equivalent time/temperature combination
  • aging for at least 60 days
  • less than 56% water content in the cheese

Exceptionally, and currently only for two cases, the national food authority grants exceptions to individual producers to make raw-milk cheeses that do not meet the criteria listed above, just in case of aged or semi-aged cheeses.

Animal health requirements
Farms must be officially free of TUBERCULOSIS and BRUCELLOSIS and any other disease indicated by the OIE - World Organisation for Animal Health.

Milk characteristics
Cow's milk:
Allowed bacterial count: 100,000 bacteria per ml Allowed somatic cells: 400,000 cells per ml
Milk from other animals:
Allowed bacterial count: 1,500,000 bacteria per ml


Type of plant
Recognized business


National exceptions for the raw material (milk)


The indication "made with raw milk" is obligatory.


Legislative references


Raw Milk

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