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Raw Milk


The direct and indirect sale and distribution of raw milk to consumers is prohibited in Canada under the Food and Drug Regulations since 1991.


In January 2010, an Ontario dairy farmer called Michael Schmidt was found not guilty on 19 charges relating to the sale of raw milk. Schmidt argued that he was not actually selling raw milk but rather making it available to its true owners, called "cowshare owners" who had purchased a share in the dairy herd and therefore owned the milk. The Ontario authorities appealed, though, and an appeals court reversed the decision in earlier October 2011. Schmidt appealed further, and launched an hunger strike.


In British Columbia, Alice Jongerden is challenging the constitutionality of that province's legislation, which deems raw milk to be a hazardous product.


Canada does permit the sale of raw milk cheeses that are aged over 60 days. In 2009, the province of Quebec modified regulations to allow raw milk cheeses aged less than 60 days provided stringent safeguards are met.


Raw Milk

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