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Food Film Festival

Netherlands - 22/03/2013

The growing interest among filmmakers in issues surrounding the modern food system and agri-food cultures will be represented in Amsterdam this weekend at the third Food Film Festival, an initiative of the Youth Food Movement Netherlands which is part of the Slow Food Youth Network.

Running from today until Sunday, the program includes three world premiers, a European premiere and fourteen Dutch premieres. At its heart is a program of shorts, including the Dutch animation Super (by Johan Klungel, 2012) and Meatwork (Madeleine Parry, 2012) from Australia. The festival opens with the Dutch premiere of Canned Dreams (Katja Gauriloff, Finland, 2011) about the faces behind typical supermarket products.

But film enthusiasts won’t be just sitting in the audience. The Food Film Festival includes many debates and side-events. As today is World Water Day, Oneworld Live (NCDO) and the festival are presenting a special discussion entitled Chewing on Water to investigate the water footprint of food, along with special guest Arjen Hoekstra, the creator of the Water Footprint concept.

The 2013 Great Debate will bring together a wide spectrum of thinkers to discuss why GMO food is such an emotionally charged discussion. Mark Bittman, New York Times columnist and author of the book Food Matters: A Guide To Conscious Eating will deliver the keynote speech for this year’s festival.

For the second year, the festival also welcomes chefs, food producers, students, scientist and food activists from all over the world to the Slow Food Youth Conference. Slow Food President Carlo Petrini gave the keynote speech at the conference opening on Wednesday, and will also address the FoodPoliticsEU Conference on Saturday - a platform to link farmers and consumers created by Youth Food Movement Netherlands and NAJK (young farmers organization) in collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Of course, where there's talk about food, people get hungry! The legendary Food Film Festival restaurant is serving sustainable meals under the supervision of young and promising chefs Joris Bijdendijk and Samuel Levie. Outside the main venue, the festival market has expanded this year to include a variety of Food Trucks that add quick, tasty and healthy snacks to the festival menu.

And with all that viewing, talking and eating, visitors who want to get active over the weekend can join workshops on topics ranging from Korean cooking to the ‘Skills Workshop’ (by Jamie magazine) and a ravioli lesson using Slow Food Presidia products. In one of the most popular sessions, Ben Reade, Head of Culinary Research and Development of the Nordic Food Lab, will be leading a unique seminar to investigate taste, through a virtual trip through northern Europe.

For more information visit:
To follow the event as it unfolds this weekend, follow the festival on twitter or facebook.

The Food Film Festival is an initiative of the Youth Food Movement Netherlands, members of the Slow Food Youth Network.



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