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A Statement on Ocean Governance

Cairo Laguna, nicaraguan artisanal fisher, delegate of Terra Madre 2014, addresses the FAO during the 30th Session of the Committee on Fisheries...



Ein bahnbrechender Bericht über Ocean Grabbing

Der neue Bericht Global Ocean Grab erzählt die verdeckte Geschichte von Fischerei und Fischern. Eine Erzählung von Nachhaltigkeit, Nahrungsmitteln, Entwicklungsmodellen, Kultur und Politik...



A New International Document in Support of Artisanal Fishing

A historical day: FAO approved the first wide-ranging international instrument in support of artisanal fishing...



Nur Mut, Prudhomie

Wer hat schon einmal von der Prud'homie der Fischer am Mittelmeer gehört, die in Frankreich fast tausend Jahre alt ist? Fast niemand... vor allem nicht Leute außerhalb Frankreichs und auch dort nur, wer zufällig oder durch persönlichen Kontakt damit zu tun hatte!



Lassen Sie einfach die Finger davon!

Ansporn für ihren jahrzehntelangen Kampf gegen die Gefahren, die von Zuchtlachs ausgehen, war eine moderne Wikingerinvasion...



FISCH UND OCEAN GRABBING: Der Problemfall gewerbliche Fischerei

Diese Analyse der derzeitigen Trends in der Fischereipolitik ist eine Studie von Seth Macinko und Brett Tolley und wurde am 1. Juni 2014 auf dem Left Forum vorgestellt.



Common values build trust. Trust fosters teamwork. Teamwork gets things done!

Brett Tolley, NAMA's community organizer and part of the Slow Fish network, delivers us his thoughs on successful collaboration.



Building a European Strategy of the Commons

A European e-consultation  seeks out the views of stakeholders and the general public on the best ways to modernize and rationalize technical measures in the context of the new CFP. Slow Food responds to this consultation.



Canada Missing Big Opportunity to Support its Small-Scale Fisheries

An analysis by Arthur Bull on the ongoing process of the FAO International guidelines for small-scale fisheries



The Wadden Sea fishing community, a tangible and intangible heritage?

A case study of the dutch unique natural marine reserve and it's fishers will be presented by Lucy Gilliam & Magnus Johnson at UNESCO conference, Bergen, 24th March 2014.



Fisheries Activist on MH370

Our thoughts are with the families and friends of Chandrika Sharma, Indian advocate for the rights of women fishers and coastal communities and a friend of Slow Food, who was on the missing Malaysia Airlines plane ..



Re-Routing Nova Scotia's Food Conundrum

Justin Cantafio explains how using creative technology and community dynamics can help solve the obstacle of local distribution



Slow Food Reiterates Negative Standpoint on Intensive Fish Farms

Slow Food acknowledges the value of traditional wild salmon and would like to see political action to help preserve this threatened species, rather than putting further pressure on stocks with intensive farm operations.



Access and Diversity in Fisheries

Joshua K. Wrigley, freelance writer and marine conservation advocate, gives us his vision of the current fisheries policy debate in New England.



European Fisheries: Towards Youth and Collective Management

During a vote on October 23, the European Parliament approved draft rules for allocating the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF).


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