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Fishers on Screen


Organised by representatives from different organisations dedicated to fishing issues, the International Film festival "Pêcheurs du monde" will be held in Lorient, Brittany, France, March 22 to 25, 2012.


The Festival is a special cultural event that offers new or very recent films dedicated to the sea people of the world. These films introduce the public to magnificient areas full of dreams and freedom where tragedy and hardship exist but also happiness and wonder.


It is also a place of debates and exchanges. It not only invites us to discover images of the sea but also to debate on the main economic, social and environmental questions related to the fishing industry.


Since its creation, more than one hundred movies dedicated to fishing and fishermen from all over the world were showcased. The Festival has also awarded and honored many French and foreign directors. The Festival is also a meeting place for all those who love the sea.


Each edition gives the fishermen the possibily to speak about themselves. It enables the workers from the sea to introduce their world to the audience, to express their love for their jobs and to share their hopes and fears. After each film, debates are encouraged with the directors, fishing professionals, scientists and of course the public.


The Festival wants to introduce the young generations to the fishing world. The active participation of young people is encouraged. The students from the Lorient highschools are welcomed at the Festival where their enthousiasm is always very appreciated. The future of Fisheries lies also in the ability to pass on existing know-how and capacities.


Learn more on the festival on the french website and click here to download the program (in french)


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