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Ligurian Tonnarella Presidia on film

The town of Camogli, in Liguria, lies at the heart of Porofino's Marine Protected Area. While this status preserves the region's azure waters, the culture of this fishing community is rapidly disappearing. In this italian documentary, L'Ultima Levata, Daniele Camisa follows the endangered tradition of tonnarella (or weir) fishing unique to Camogli, also a Slow Food Presidia. Camisa's film follows the annual traditions of the few remaining fisher families, from the hand-weaving of their coconut fiber nets, to the setting of the weir and the capture of fish. Despite this sustainable tradition, environmental and generation changes threaten Camogli's craft with extinction. Camisa follows the Camogli community's efforts to revitalize the practice tonnarella and restore Portofino's cultural heritage. This is the story of a people, their sense of place, and their continued revival of the past through artisanal fishing to create more resilient marine ecosystems and communities.


Daniele Camisa is documentary filmmaker, electrical engineer, and former journalist for Slow Food. L'Ultima Levata is one of three documentaries on artisanal fishing that Daniele has produced. The other two, titled "Una notte sotto la luce" and "Una notte sotto la luce il ritorno," follow the fishermen of Giulianova and their traition of fishing with lights at night. Daniele now lives in Bologna



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In this section, we'll be celebrating all the men and women in our networks: fishermen and fisherwomen, fish farmers, cooks, consumers, journalists, educators, volunteers, convivium members and many more, who are all taking big or small steps towards producing and consuming fish responsibly.

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