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Lake Garda Community of Carp Fishermen (Italy)

Promoting Neglected Freshwater Fish


Professional fishing, an important if not unique source of income in the past for people living on the shores of Lake Garda, is now experiencing a decline.

This is partly because many of the traditions handed down by the fishermen have been lost and partly because of the different dietary habits of residents and tourists.

The Cooperativa fra Pescatori del Garda, which has about 30 members, is trying to combat the decline in fishing. It sells shad, eels, fresh and processed whitefish; also Lake Garda carp, a member of the Salmonidae family which is endemic to the lake, and àole, a small, slender fish of the Cyprinidae (minnow) family which, for centuries, along with twaite shad, ensured the survival of the local people. The fishing methods used are traditional and do not harm the ecosystem.

They use nets called remattino and volantino, and another special net, the bertovelli, for eels. Species threatened with extinction are not fished during the reproduction season and the catch is limited to market demand.

Production area 
Lake Garda, province of Verona

Community coordinator 
Sergio Vernesoni tel. +39 045 7420068


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