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Slow Fish - Good, Clean and Fair Fish

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Planet Ocean

We reflect on this year’s theme for the International Day of Biological Diversity – water – and its vital role for all life…



A perilous path

A massive wind farm development threatens the environment and livelihood of indigenous fishers and farmers in the Isthmus of Tehuatepec, Mexico...



A Long Fight for Fishing Rights in South Africa

When South Africa introduced a new fisheries policy in 2005, it had devastating and lethal implications for small-scale fishers. But now a new policy is now empowering fishing communities, giving them responsibility and incentive to manage their fishery responsibly...



The Fallacies of ITQs

Seth Macinko, an associate professor in the Department of Marine Affairs at the University of Rhode Island, tell us abuot the effects of catch share programs...



Drawing Attention to Anchovies

The last day of Slow Fish had an anchovy flavor, with a conference addressing the problems of forage fishing and the results of a competition for the best anchovy recipe.



Ocean Grabbing: Plundering a Common Resource

The issue of Ocean grabbing was introduced and debated by the Slow Fish network during Terra Madre 2012. It is also the object of workshop and conferences during the 2013 edition of the Slow Fish event, in Genoa...



Genetically Engineered Fish: FDA at Risk of Irreversible Tampering



Emptying Senegals Seas

Fewer and fewer fish are found off Senegal's coast and its fish markets are increasingly bare, thanks mostly to the predations of rapacious European powers. Some locals, however, are resisting, with economies that work in harmony with the natural resources...



Small Bite, Big Taste

An anchovy recipe competition to celebrate this little fish with a big taste, and campaign against its fishing for animal feed. The shortlisted and winning recipes will be presented at the Slow Fish event in Genoa in May...



Fisherfolks: Conservation Refugees

Magnus Johnson, a Marine Biologist at the Centre for Environmental and Marine Sciences, expresses his views on the migration occuring over some ill-concieved conservation projects.



Too big to ignore, too important to fail

For people interested in small-scale fisheries, the above title captures well what is recognized about the sector. It is not easy, however, to convince others whose interests may lie elsewhere...



A New Direction for European Fishing

The European Parliament's approval of the new Common Fisheries Policy finally addresses ecological issues, but is still geared towards industrial fishing...



Breaking the Commodity Curse

If we care about local seafood and healthy, resilient coastal communities, the way we buy and sell fish here has to change...



Celebrating good, clean, fair fish

Dave Adler, the Community Supported Fisheries Coordinator at Ecology Action Centre, came all the way from Nova Scotia, Canada, to attend Terra Madre and the Slow Fish workshops. Here are his thoughts on the event...




European Parliament votes on Common Fisheries Policy

Members of the European Parliament's Fisheries Committee today voted on December 18, 2012, in favour of ending overfishing in and by the EU by 2015 and for the recovery of fish stocks by 2020.


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