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Slow Fish - Good, Clean and Fair Fish

Which Fish?

When it comes to choosing what fish to eat, it can be hard to know which way to turn… Advice and suggestions in the media and fish and seafood guides can often be contradictory. Evaluating the state of fish stocks is extremely difficult; even in the best of cases, only general estimates are available. Stocks of a fish species might be healthy in one part of the world and seriously depleted in another.

It is very hard to give advice that is universally valid.

But consensus is unanimous about certain species: Responsible consumers must simply avoid eating them, under any circumstances. You can find out why in the section Not On My Plate. Beyond these species, the best advice we can give is to find out more about your local resources, the fish and seafood from the rivers, lakes, lagoons, seas and oceans closest to your home.

Our association has enthusiastically set out on this path with the
Slow Fish Challenge. The section Go Fish will showcase the result of the challenge, which asks members of the Slow Food and Terra Madre network to research their own local sustainable fish options and send us recipes, creative or traditional, inspired by their investigations.


  Which Fish? Which Fish?  
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