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Fishermen of Boulbinet (Guinea-Conakry)

Organic Fish in Western Africa

Boulbinet is the port of the capital, Conakry, and it is the oldest port on the Guinean coast.

Once all the fish for domestic consumption was landed there; today it is where produce is loaded ready for export.

A reef protects it from the sea, creating a natural lagoon. The fleet of about 3,400 fishermen of Boulbinet all work in the lagoon, more than 350 boats ranging in length from 5 to 22 meters, driven by outboard motors of 8 to 40 HP.

The catch, which is certified organic, totals about 25,000 tonnes a year and includes not only the bonga fish (Ethmalose fimbriata), a clupeid that is very popular in Guinea, the royal bream, the lutian and the siluriform catfish Arius heudelotii. The first two can be conserved well and are lightly smoked for immediate consumption.

Production Area: 
Conakry, Conakry region

Community coordinator:
Ibrahima Molota Camara
tel. +224 60271288


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