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Slow Fish - Good, Clean and Fair Fish

Support Artisanal and Responsible Fishing Communities

“The Council recognizes that support by States for small farmers, fishing communities and local enterprises is an element key to food security and provision of the right to food.”

(United Nations Human Rights Council Resolution
on the Right to Food, March 27, 2008)


Out of the 15 million people who fish full time, the vast majority work on boats that are less than 24 meters long. They are the life force of artisanal fishing.


Working the oceans, seas and lakes of the world, some of them only catch a few varieties of fish, in specific seasons, using selective techniques and seeking to maintain a strong cultural identity and ancestral traditions. They safeguard a deep and irreplaceable wisdom about fish stocks.

Governmental and regional assistance should be given above all to these people, who care greatly about the protection of resources. Unfortunately, the reality is very different.


By finding out more about the production and distribution chains of the fish caught by these communities, we can bring together pleasure and responsibility.

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