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Slow Fish - Good, Clean and Fair Fish

The Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity Presidia

The Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity was set up in 2003 to coordinate projects to defend local food traditions, protect local biodiversity and promote small-scale quality products.


The first of these projects was the Ark of Taste, which aims to rediscover, catalog, describe and publicize forgotten flavors. It is a metaphorical recipient of excellent gastronomic products that are threatened by industrial standardization, hygiene laws, the regulations of large-scale distribution and environmental damage.


There are currently 37 fish and seafood products in the Ark.


The Presidia projects take a similar idea much further. To support quality production at risk of extinction, protect unique regions and ecosystems, recover traditional processing methods, safeguard native breeds and local plant varieties, the Presidia directly involve producers, offer technical assistance to improve production quality, organize exchanges among different countries, educate local consumers and provide new market outlets both locally and internationally.


There are currently 12 fish and seafood Presidia, defending and promoting responsible, artisanal fishing techniques.

List of international fish Presidia

List of Italian fish Presidia


  The Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity Presidia  
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