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Menaica Anchovies (Campania, Italy)

These anchovies are fished using an ancient technique that was once widespread throughout the Mediterranean but now continues in just a few isolated places, including the Cilento coast. A group of fishermen go out at night with their boats and nets, which are both called menaica or menaide.


Once delivered to the harbor, the anchovies are immediately washed in brine, then layered with salt in terracotta jars and left to rest for at least three months. Menaica anchovies are distinguished by their pale pink flesh and intense, delicate aroma.


Production Area

Municipalities of Pisciotta and Pollica, Province of Salerno


Presidium supported by:

Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park


Presidium Coordinators:


Giancarlo Capacchione, tel. +39 089 753535
+39 329 6330371


Francesco Puglia, tel. +39 340 3380231

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