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Natural Sea Salt from the Baie de l'Etoile - Nejma

Sea salt as an enduring manager of the territory and a tool for local development and revenue

Found 10 km north of the port city Nouadhibou, the Baie de l'Etoile, already renowned for its incredible biodiversity, is about to become a Protected Marine Area. This natural environment is a perfect zone for the production of high-quality sea salt with excellent sensory and nutritional qualities.

The idea to create a local salt pan, train producers, and effectively produce high-quality, artisanal sea salt came about in 2006, with the founding of the Imraguen Women's Mullet Bottarga Presidium. At that time, the producers imported salt from Spain in order to process their Bottarga, or they would collect unsanitary salt from the area around Nouadhibou.


Today the salt is produced by 50 people, most of whom are women, following established specifications on an area of two hectares, which are preserved from pollutants. The salt forms through the crystallization of natural subterranean sea water found one meter underground, thanks to the natural effects of sun and wind. This salty ground water is collected in specifically designed wells, and crystallization takes place on polyethylene tarps that are suitable for food preparation. All of these considerations help obtain a white salt that is free of impurities. Between July and November the salt is manually collected, tasted, placed in bags, and ready to be consumed, without having to be refined nor washed.


The salt is not bleached and no anti-binding agents or additives are used, giving the product unique, all natural properties. Rich in sodium chloride and trace minerals, the product's texture is similar to that of salt flour. Easily soluble, this sweet product, which is slightly salty to the taste, is neither acidic nor bitter, while its flavor is intense and balanced.


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  Natural Sea Salt from the Baie de l'Etoile - Nejma Natural Sea Salt from the Baie de l'Etoile - Nejma  
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