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Slow Fish - Good, Clean and Fair Fish

Eat Less Fish

Yes, fish is delicious and generally good for you. Many national public health and diet campaigns even recommend eating more fish, contradicting all the appeals from organizations and institutions concerned about the state of the seas.


There are many similarities with the case of meat. There was once a time when diet campaigns recommended eating more meat and milk. Today, the animals that end up on our plates are often raised intensively, pumped full of hormones and antibiotics and fattened rapidly to increase profit margins. We only eat the choice pieces, discarding less-prized cuts and offal. Smaller or skinnier breeds are less profitable and so disappear. Organic waste contaminates the water table.

If we were farming the animals we currently eat in a way that was healthy for us and the environment, we could not produce the same quantities on the available pasture land.

Anyone who cares about their health and that of the planet must reduce how much meat they eat.


The situation with fish is similar. The sea, exploited as it is today to satisfy the growing global demand for a handful of popular species, cannot maintain its stocks. On the other hand, there are very few forms of truly responsible aquaculture. As long as certain trends continue in the market, it is clear that the environment will not be miraculously saved. We simply need to eat less fish, starting with the most commercial species, the ones with the same status as a top-quality steak.

Let’s not trivialize foods that were once considered luxuries, but learn to appreciate and cook the neglected, “poor” fish and occasionally replace them with plant protein.


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