Organizations working for sustainable seafood

So far, environmental organizations have been the main publicizers of the problems of overfishing and aquaculture, but the last ten years have also seen the creation of various associations and campaigns with the specific objective of defending the sustainable trade and consumption of the sea’s resources: Seafood Choices Alliances, Seafood Watch, The Good Catch, Seafood See Life, SeaChoice, The Marine Stewardship Council, Responsible Fishing Alliance, Friends of the Sea, Chefs Collaborative… and of course, Slow Fish.

The greatest efforts towards the sustainable consumption of seafood are concentrated in North America and Northern Europe. More needs to be done there and everywhere else in the world, but particularly in Asia (especially China), Latin America and the Mediterranean basin. Japan, the world’s number-one importer and consumer of fish, has only recently taken the first hesitant steps towards awareness of the ecological and social consequences of its choices and consumption habits.