The Right to Food

“The right to food is a human right and not a political option that governments can choose to implement or to ignore. Acknowledging this means obligations for governments. It is neither normal nor tolerable that governments observe only their obligations arising from economic and commercial agreements on the international level, and this to the detriment of their obligations regarding human rights, which are, moreover, often incompatible with trade agreements. Yet the primacy of human rights over any economic or commercial agreement has been affirmed over and over again by resolutions adopted by U.N. bodies and by its member states.”


(Extracted from The Right to Food: A fundamental human right affirmed by the United Nations and recognized in regional treaties and numerous national constitutions, a brochure prepared by Christophe Golay, advisor to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, and Melik Özden, director of the CETIM’s Human Rights Program and permanent representative of the CETIM to the United Nations in Geneva).