Organizing Against Industrial Aquaculture in Asia

Based in Bangladesh, Asia Solidarity against Industrial Aquaculture (ASIA) is a pan-Asian network created to unite opposition to industrial aquaculture, particularly shrimp farms.

The campaign group has clear aims: to defend local communities’ livelihoods, their human rights and the environment damaged by industrial aquaculture. Bringing together around 15 organizations which represent the interests of artisan fishers, consumers and coastal communities in general, ASIA has established various objectives:

- to ensure environmental, social and economic justice for communities affected by industrial aquaculture

- to reduce demand for global consumption of industrial aquaculture products, raising consumer awareness and strengthening links with Northern networks and campaigns

- to demystify the notion of “sustainable” aquaculture, influencing changes in policies and opposing certification that justifies promotion of industrial aquaculture with all its destructive impacts

- to hold the industry accountable and liable for violation of human rights, environmental degradation and insecurity of life and livelihoods

- to bring changes in the regulatory regime to protect biodiversity, natural resources and rights of communities and to discourage industrial aquaculture.