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Slow Fish - Le poisson bon, propre et juste




Slow Fish: cadenas de valor, privatización de los mares y movimientos vinculados con la alimentación

El pasado mes de marzo David Beriss (Universidad de Nueva Orleans) participaba en el evento "Slow Fish 2016: Gateway to the Americas", organizado por Slow Food New Orleans. Compartimos su percepción del evento, anteriormente publicada en Food Anthropology.



Slow Fish goes to college!

Hooking the next generation:the Slow Fish USA network's experiences in stimulating student and University interest on fishery and ocean issues.



The Telltale Cod

Chef Evan Mallets, of New Hampshire, believes every community on our planet needs to wake up to a seafood crisis. Here's why...



Response to the Quick Guide to Aquaculture

Magnus Johnson and John Volpe criticize the one-sided view developed in Lucas’ overly positive paper on aquaculture, reminding us that industrial-scale use of chemicals, waste products and lack of regulatory oversight undermine both environmental and human health.



Tampering with our Future

Anne Mosness is a long-time commercial fisherwoman, a Food and Society Policy Fellow, a relentless advocate for wild salmon. Here's her analysis of the recent approval of GE Salmon by the FDA.



FDA Rubber Stamps Genetically Modified Frankenfish

Colles Stowell gives us his view on the FDA approval of the AquAdvantage salmon created by Massachusetts-based AquaBounty, deemed to be safe to eat, and which does not require specific labeling...



We Feed The Planet Looks to the Oceans

During the gathering, the ocean also took center stage, as the subject of the conference Stealing our Oceans - Ocean Grabbing and How to Fight It...



A Sustainable Fishing Model is Possible: Lessons from Galicia

A participatory management model, a fishing system decided in accordance with the institutions, associations and the individual fishers themselves might seem unrealistic. Yet...



Bienes comunes y libertad

Esta entrevista de Olivier Petitjean ha sido publicada anteriormente en el diario digital con el siguiente título: Los bienes comunes nos ofrecen libertad y poder, más de cuanto hacen Estado y mercado.



Honduras privatiza sus recursos pesqueros

Jorge Varela Márquez, premio Goldman Environmental de 1999, denuncia la nueva Ley de pesca de su paìs, que despues de años de resistencia por parte de los pescadores, entrega la soberanía nacional a transnacionales...



¡La cuestión de los lodos rojos prosigue!

Durante 50 años, la fábrica de aluminio Pechiney Gardanne ha vertido en las Calanques de Marsella de 20 a 30 millones de toneladas de lodos rojos. Hoy, esta industria ha solicitado autorización para el vertido de cerca de 270 metros cúbicos a la hora de aguas residuales durante 30 años más. Los pescadore denuncian....



Sea For Yourself

During Slow Fish 2015, the conference, "Mare Nostrum: Immigrant Communities Tell Their Tales" was a chance to exchange experiences and learn from one another, as it so often happens when comparing cultures.



Turning the Tide of Transparency

Small-scale fishermen discuss how to restore trust and become pro-active in shaping their own future...



Fishing for Alternatives

During Slow Fish 2015, fishermen discussed how to safeguard their livelihoods by finding and creating alternative value chains, focusing on the quality of the fish, reconnecting consumers/citizens to food and food producers...



EU Fisheries policy and its impact on small-scale fishers

The impact of the European Fisheries Policy on small-scale fishers was discussed in Genoa as part of the event Slow Fish...


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