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Slow Fish - Le poisson bon, propre et juste




Slow Fish Looks to the Future

The meetings at the Slow Fish space at the Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre (Turin, October 23-27, 2014) came to a close on Monday October 27, looking back over the major issues discussed and looking forward to new initiatives for tackling the pressing problems facing small-scale fishers and marine environments around the world.



A Diversity of Solutions

During Slow Food's biennial Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre (Turin, October 23-27, 2014), delegates from around the world gathered every day in the Slow Fish space to talk about sustainable fishing, identifying many elements that can be part of the solutions to current challenges...



A Complex and Interrelated Web

We are all familiar with the classic food web diagram: rabbits eat grass, foxes eat rabbits. The chain is fairly straightforward. But try to apply a similar mapping to the underwater world, and suddenly you have a mass of crisscrossing lines, a tangled web linking phytoplankton, zooplankton, many different fish, maybe even penguins, seals and whales...



Challenging the Dominant Narrative

Nobody can deny that the oceans and the marine resources they contain are in trouble, but the steady stream of news stories about collapsing oceans misses important details about a more complex story of ecology and political power.



Slow Fish @ Terra Madre 2014: The Countdown has Begun!

Food communities from the whole world will be gathering again in Turin for the 6th time next week, 10 years after the first edition of Terra Madre, the largest international gathering of small-scale producers in the world.



A Statement on Ocean Governance

Cairo Laguna, nicaraguan artisanal fisher, delegate of Terra Madre 2014, addresses the FAO during the 30th Session of the Committee on Fisheries...



Un informe revolucionario sobre el acaparamiento de océanos

El informe nos cuenta la historia escondida de la pesca y de los pescadores. Una historia compleja acerca de la sostenibilidad, nuestra alimentación, modelos de desarrollo, culturas y política, donde los derechos de las comunidades son sistemáticamente violados bajo nuestras narices… a veces en nombre de la sostenibilidad misma.



Un nuevo documento internacional para la pesca artesanal

Día histórico para la pesca artesanal: 143 Estados aprobaron primeras directrices internacionales de la FAO para la pesca artesanal



Ánimo, ánimo Prud'homie

¿Quién ha oído hablar alguna vez de la Prud'homie mediterránea de los pescadores, que en Francia cuenta con casi un milenio de historia? Casi nadie... aquellos que se han encontrado con ella, acaso por azar, o por contacto directo... ¡Por no mencionar a los no franceses, sean estos europeos o extraeuropeos!



Sencillamente, ¡no lo compren!

Alexandra Morton, a marine biologist from British Columbia, Canada, tells us about her fight against salmon farms.



Acaparamiento de oceanos y pesca: El caso de la pesca comercial.

Este análisis sobre las tendencias actuales en las políticas pesqueras, elaborado por Seth Macinko y Brett Tolley, ha sido presentado en el Left Forum el 1 de junio de 2014.



Common values build trust. Trust fosters teamwork. Teamwork gets things done!

Brett Tolley, NAMA's community organizer and part of the Slow Fish network, delivers us his thoughs on successful collaboration.



Building a European Strategy of the Commons

A European e-consultation  seeks out the views of stakeholders and the general public on the best ways to modernize and rationalize technical measures in the context of the new CFP. Slow Food responds to this consultation.



Canada Missing Big Opportunity to Support its Small-Scale Fisheries

An analysis by Arthur Bull on the ongoing process of the FAO International guidelines for small-scale fisheries



The Wadden Sea fishing community, a tangible and intangible heritage?

A case study of the dutch unique natural marine reserve and it's fishers will be presented by Lucy Gilliam & Magnus Johnson at UNESCO conference, Bergen, 24th March 2014.


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