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What are you doing on June 11?


 “If you care about the oceans, if you care about the future, then wear a red cap.” This is the message that the World Ocean network, together with the World Ocean observatory, the Lighthouse Foundation and Nausicaà is hoping to spread around the globe during the second edition of Cap Rouge Day, this Saturday June 11, in a demonstration of how essential the ecology of our oceans is to the future, and to commemorate 101 years since the birth of the French oceanographer, explorer, ecologist, naval officer and film maker Jaques-Yves Cousteau, who dedicated much of his life to raising public awareness on the importance and fragility of the oceans ecosystems. 

“Jaques Yves Cousteau was probably the single most influential ocean personality during the last 100 years bringing the wonders, mysteries and fascination of the marine environment to the attention of a broad, worldwide public. He has inspired generations of kids, divers, journalists, filmmakers, scientist’s even politicians through his films and series,” said the Lighthouse Foundation.

Cousteau made many TV series and films and wrote numerous books about the ocean environment, including The Ocean World of Jaques Cousteau, an encyclopedia of marine life, and a book and film etitled A Silent World. Yet today much of the diversity of the oceans ecosystems that Cousteau depicted has gone or is extremely threatened.  A lot of coastal ecosystems are degraded or even at the brink of vanishing forever” said a spokesperson from the Lighthouse Foundation. “Oilspills and overfishing, climate change and ocean acidification are threatening the function of the complex oceanic systems itself. And at the same time we are beginning to understand how crucial the oceans are for the planetary life support system we all rely on… We are also seeing the growing importance of the oceans in providing food, water, energy, climate, everything we all need.”

People from around the globe have begun to send in photos of themselves wearing a red cap for the Cap Rouge Day, or their projects.  To view them or to find out more, visit





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