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Slow Fish - Le poisson bon, propre et juste




Slow Fish Caribbean at AGROEXPO 2017

For ten days in July in Bogotá, different exponents of the Colombian agricultural and livestock sector met in one of the country's largest fairs, namely Agroexpo 2017.



Slow Fish 2017 in Genoa: We are the net!

The eighth edition of Slow Fish the international event organized by Slow Food and the Region of Liguria- will be held from Thursday, May 18 to Sunday, May 21, 2017



Animated Small Scale Guidelines

Several organizations have collaborated to produce this marvelous animation, to better understand the value of the FAO Voluntary Guidelines to Secure the Future of Small Scale Fisheries



We're not leaving, we're staying

This video tells us about the resistance of the people of the Magrove, in Ecuador, who are facing a silent plot of eviction, in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake which claimed many lives and houses.



Aquaculture, antibiotics and their dark path to our diets

Why is vital to make consumers' understand that how imported farmed seafood is harvested really matters.



Sustainability for sale

Sustainability as a sales argument is something that we're getting more and more used to. Yet, there is a world of complexity behind the word "sustainable", which by nature contains the concept of diversity and non-universality. 



Il nostro pianeta visto dall'acqua

A Terra Madre Salone del Gusto Slow Fish vi accompagnerà in un viaggio sopra e sotto il pelo dell'acqua, alla scoperta di soluzioni per riconnettersi con le vie d'acqua e costruire un futuro sano per il mondo acquatico.



Winds of Change

As the rate and unpredictability of ecological change continues to intensify, fishers who spend every day of every year engaging closely with the marine environment will be the first to notice and to feel the effects



Day in the Life of a New England Groundfish Fisherman

By telling us about his experience on Capt. Tim Rider's boat, Colles Stowell combines an outsider's view looking in, as well as the fishermen's, to sharpen the focus on why scale, stewardship and buying local, really matters



"Working at the Speed of Trust."

The importance of trust outweights the importance of working fast, according to our partner in the USA, Niaz Dorry, coordinating Director of NAMA. Here's why...



Chiloè Calling

La tragedia ecologica che ha colpito le comunità costiere del Cile impone una riflessione sul nostro ruolo ambientale e le responsabilità che ne derivano.



Per un equo accesso alle quote di pesca. La pesca è un bene comune!

Firma la petizione!



Okanagan Nation clears final barrier in bringing home salmon to Okanagan Lake

Syilx peoples' successful efforts to bring sockeye salmon back to the Okanagan will celebrate with cerimonial fry releases.




Help Terra Madre Communities in Ecuador

Saturday, April 16, Ecuador shook at a magnitude of 7.8, leaving, so far, more than 580 people dead, 8,000 injured and thousands of people, homeless, waterless, foodless, with insufficient supplies and government help reaching them too late or not at all...



Report Slow Fish: catene di valore, privatizzazione dei mari e movimenti legati al cibo

Lo scorso marzo David Beriss (Università di New Orleans) ha partecipato all'evento organizzato da Slow Food New Orleans, Slow Fish 2016: Gateway to the Americas. Condividiamo le sue impressioni sull'evento, precedentemente pubblicate su Food Anthropology.


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